Project Status

1. PFCC Regenerator Stack Wet Scrubber System

The project is conceived to reduce SPM emission in flue gas of PFCC as a pollution control measure. Petrochemical Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (PFCC) unit processes unconverted oil from Hydrocracker units, straight run low sulphur vacuum gas oil and hydro treated heavy coker gas oil and converts into value added products such as propylene, LPG and gasoline. The regenerator stack wet scrubber system ensures meeting emission norms even under adverse situations. Mechanical Completion of the project is expected in first quarter of FY 2024-25.

2. Marketing Terminal at Devangonthi

Marketing Terminal at Devangonthi, Bengaluru is being set up to cater to requirements of petroleum products primarily in the state of Karnataka. The terminal would receive finished petroleum products (MS, HSD and ATF) through the existing PMHBL pipeline from MRPL. There will be dosing facility of Ethanol with MS and Bio-diesel with HSD and tank truck loading facility. This terminal will enable the supply of petroleum products to the retail outlets, customers & aviation stations in the region. Construction activities are in final stages and the Terminal is expected to be completed in first quarter of FY 2024-25.

3. New Bitumen Blowing Train as a part of extension of existing Bitumen Blowing Unit

The project envisages setting up of additional Bitumen Blowing train with a capacity of 144 KTPA as a part of extension of existing Bitumen Blowing Unit to cater to the simultaneous demand of VG-30 and VG-40 grades of bitumen to leverage market demand. M/s. Engineers India Limited is the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Consultant for the project. Mechanical Completion of the project is expected in first quarter of FY 2024-25.

4. Power System Upgradation Project

The project envisages enhancement of Grid Connectivity and Refinery System upgradation which includes implementation of Grid connectivity at 220/33kV level to Refinery and Grid connectivity at 110/33kV to Aromatics Complex. Refinery Electrical system upgradation, Steam turbo-generators and Cooling water system modifications along with other enabling activities are part of the scope of this project. Mechanical Completion of the project is scheduled in third quarter of FY 2025-26.

5. Iso ButyI Benzene (IBB) Pilot cum Demo Plant

This is MRPL’s R&D project. Iso Butyl Benzene(IBB) is an Active Pharmaceutical Intermediate (API) and a key input for pain killers and is also used in perfume industry. MRPL has collaborated with CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL) for developing IBB process technology. MRPL has also got the patent for this process technology. It is planned to set up a Pilot cum Demo plant of 200 TPA capacity. This product, IBB shall be manufactured with the captive feedstock available within MRPL. Mechanical completion of the project is expected to be in the first quarter of FY 2025-26.