Typical Values for MRPL Pet Coke - Fuel Grade



Sr. No. Parameter Unit Typical Value
  1    Moisture Content (As Received)
% Mass
8 Max
  2    Volatile Content (After initial drying)
% Mass
13.5 Max
  3    Fixed Carbon (Calculated)
% Mass
85 Min.
  4    Ash Content (After initial drying)
% Mass
0.45 Max.
  5    Total Sulphur (After initial drying), About (~)
% Mass
  6    Gross Calorific Value
Cal / gm
8000 Min.


Disclaimer: The above typical values are not to be construed as Specifications and may change without any prior notice. The user will solely be responsible for any intended process / product usage and MRPL does not guarantee or undertake any responsibility for any consequential damage or loss based on the information given above.


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