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Tender No: 3000016930Posted Date: 2020-08-05
Tender Type: E-Domestic(Two Bid)Closing Date: 2020-08-25
Tenders are invited for the following work:
Name of Work: Procurement of DMDS Injection Pumps GA-31716 A/B as per API -675 Latest Edition
Tender Fee (in INR): 0
Tender Fee (in USD):
Tender Forms Issue-Start Date & Time: 2020-08-05 09:00:00
Tender Forms Issue-Closing Date&Time: 2020-08-25
Prebid conference Place/Date/Time:
EMD (in INR): 132000
EMD (in USD):
Product Category: Mechanical Equipment
Tender Category: Goods
Form of Contract: Supply
Tenders-Last Submission Date & Time: 2020-08-25 15:00:00
Tender Opening Date & Time: 2020-08-25 15:30:00
Site location: Mangaluru
Job Completion Time: as per tender
Contact Person from MRPL : Shubham Sharma
Engineer (Materials)
Materials Dept, Kuthethoor P.O., Via Katipalla, MANGALORE, INDIA - 575 030
For E Tender registration and tender downloading: From Antares Systems Limited
Mr Dilip Ranganath
Tel : 0824-2882248
e mail :
website :

Job Description:
as per tender
Special Instructions:
Other than E-Public Tenders, completed Tenders should be Sealed and sent to : Materials Department, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited(MRPL), Kuthethoor Post, Via Katipalla, Mangalore - 575 030. For E-Public Tender, purchase of tender document & submission of offer through Bidders are requested to note that all future Corrigendum’s, Changes, Extensions of bid submission date, etc with regard to this tender, if any, will be published only at MRPL website and not through press advertisement.
1. Past Experience:-
(a) The bidder should have executed one completed order for Reciprocating Diaphragm type Pumps of a single order value not less than Rs. 39.00 Lakhs to any Industry/Establishment in any one of the previous 5 years period ending last day of the month previous to the one in which tender is invited.
(b) The bidder must have experience of supplying Reciprocating Diaphragm type pumps to atleast one of the Hydrocarbon sectors like Refinery/Petro-chemicals/fertilizers/Oil & Gas processing plants.
Relaxation for MSE / Startup’s Bidders:
i. MSE: 15% relaxation in prior experience/prior turnover for MSE's is applicable for this tender. (i.e. Rs. 33.00 lakhs).
ii. STARTUP’S: No relaxation in prior experience/ prior turnover for Startup bidders for this tender due to public safety, health, critical safety, operations & equipments etc.
a. The Bidder shall submit Copy of Purchase order to be submitted along with any of the following proof of execution as applicable.
• Copy of Invoice
• Lorry Receipt Copy (LR Copy)
• Third party Inspection certification release notes
• Satisfactory Performance Certificate
• Completion Certificate
b. All documents furnished by bidder in support or meeting the experience criteria of PQC shall be either duly certified by Statutory Auditors of the bidder or a practicing Chartered Accountant (not being an employee or director or not having any interest in the bidder(s) company/firm) where audited accounts are not mandatory as per law" or" Duly notarized by any Notary Public .
c. PQC value mentioned above are exclusive of taxes.
2. Other Criteria:
The Bidder shall not be under Holiday listing period by any Govt. Body/ PSUs as on bid closing time. An undertaking to this effect to be submitted by bidder in prescribed format included in the MRPL tender documents.
3. Bidder’s Manufacturing Facility should have been approved by Engineers India Limited (EIL) for manufacturing and supply of Reciprocating Pumps. Copy of registration with EIL shall be submitted as documentary proof of the same.
III. Bid Evaluation Criteria:
1. Bidder shall comply with all the technical specifications & scope given in the tender.
2. Bidder shall agree to supply the materials with third party Inspection by TPI agencies like TUV/ DNV/ Lloyds Register/ Bureau Veritas/ IRS/ EIL only as per technical specification.
3. Bidder should quote for all items and confirmations to this shall be submitted along with technical bid.
4. Techno commercially acceptable bids will be evaluated on overall L-1 basis at least landed cost to MRPL and after loading for power comsumption detailed in below clause.
5. Bid should be complete in all respects covering the entire scope of supply and shall conform to the technical specification indicated in the bid document and subsequent addendums if any, duly supported by documents as per enquiry document( wherever applicable). Incomplete and non-conforming bids shall be rejected outright. As a token of acceptance bidder shall submit duly filled & stamped Deviation Sheet.
6. The pump model offered shall be from the existing manufacturing range of the pump manufacturer. The mechanical as well as the hydraulic performance for the complete range of operation of the offered model shall have been established in the shop test. The offered model pump shall meet the following minimum service and manufacturing experience requirements. Pumps shall be validly similar in terms of Hydraulic performance, Inlet flow, Differential Pressure, Operating Pressure and Temperature, Speed and Number and Type of Pump Heads, Mechanical design and Materials as compared to at least One Unit of the proposed model shall have been designed, manufactured, tested and supplied from the proposed manufacturing plant in the last fifteen years and shall have been successfully operated in the field for at least 8000 hours individually without any major overhaul as on the data of issue of inquiry. Relevant Purchase Order Copies along with Invoice shall be submitted to corroborate the same.
7. PROVEN TRACK RECORD : The Bidder shall complete the Experience Record proforma enclosed with the inquiry document to amply prove that the offered pumps meet the Qualification Criteria for technical acceptance. The Bidder may furnish additional information to justify that the Equipment Qualification Criteria is being met. Relevant Purchase Order Copies along with Invoice and Pump Approved data sheets shall be submitted to corroborate the same
8. Bidders to note that the price of spares shall be considered for evaluation and will be added to the base price of pump, before loading for power consumption.
9. Power consumption shall be considered for bid evaluation. Bidder shall provide with the guaranteed BKW power consumption (in KWHr) figure in the bid.
a) Power loading shall be done for 5 years of continuous operation considering 8000 running hours’ operation per year.
b) The cost of power shall be considered @ Rs 7.20/ KWH.
c) The offer with the lowest guaranteed power consumption shall be considered as base. All the other offers shall be loaded with respect to the lowest guaranteed power figure offered among the technically qualified bidders.
d) The loaded cost shall be added to the landed cost of the equipment for Bid evaluation purposes.
e) Penalty: If the total consumption of power exceeds the limit of consumption thereof guaranteed in the bid, the bidder shall forthwith take steps to identify and rectify the cause of the excess power consumption.
f) Bidder shall be obligated to carry out and continue rectification / remedial measures until the bidder achieves the guaranteed consumption figures subject to a maximum permissible tolerance of 5 % (Five per cent) in excess of the guaranteed power consumption figure. Bidder shall carryout all the above rectification / remedial measures within 6 months from the date of commissioning of the pump.
g) If even after such steps are taken the consumption of power exceeds more than 5 % (Five per cent) then in addition and without prejudice to any other reduction, discount or adjustment in price, which MRPL is entitled to, MRPL shall be entitled to recover the amount as follows: The differential power figure consumption (over and above 5% (Five per cent)) between the actual and guaranteed value for 5 years of Continuous operation with 8000 running hours in operation per year shall be considered for recovery.
h) In the event that the bidder fails to achieve the guaranteed power consumption figure even after conducting the necessary remedial / rectifications the overall total liability shall be restricted to 10 %. This shall be recovered from the performance bank guarantee submitted by the bidder.