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Electrical Maintenance

Tender No: 3900000198Posted Date: 2020-09-16
Tender Type: E-Domestic(Two Bid)Closing Date: 2020-10-06
Tenders are invited for the following work:
Name of Work: Rewinding of HT and VFD motors
Tender Fee (in INR): NIL
Tender Fee (in USD):
Tender Forms Issue-Start Date & Time: 2020-09-16 09:00:00
Tender Forms Issue-Closing Date&Time: 2020-10-06 15:00:00
Prebid conference Place/Date/Time: Not Applicable
EMD (in INR): 148000
EMD (in USD):
Product Category: Miscellaneous
Tender Category: Services
Form of Contract: Works
Tenders-Last Submission Date & Time: 2020-10-06 15:00:00
Tender Opening Date & Time: 2020-10-06 15:30:00
Site location: Mangaluru
Job Completion Time: As per tender
Contact Person from MRPL : Vaibhav Agrawal
Engineer (Materials Department)
Materials Department
Kuthethoor P.O., Via Katipalla, MANGALORE, INDIA - 575 030
For E Tender registration and tender downloading: From Antares Systems Limited
Mr Dilip Ranganath
Tel : 0824-2882248
e mail :
website :

Job Description:
Rewinding of HT and VFD motors
Special Instructions:
Other than E-Public Tenders, completed Tenders should be Sealed and sent to : Materials Department, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited(MRPL), Kuthethoor Post, Via Katipalla, Mangalore - 575 030. For E-Public Tender, purchase of tender document & submission of offer through Bidders are requested to note that all future Corrigendum’s, Changes, Extensions of bid submission date, etc with regard to this tender, if any, will be published only at MRPL website and not through press advertisement.
Pre-Qualification Criteria:
i) Financial Turnover:
A The Average Annual Financial turnover of the bidder during the last 3 years ending 31st March of the previous Financial year should be at least Rs. 22.20 Lakhs
ii) Past Experience:
The Bidder should have experience of having successfully carried out and completed similar work during the last 7 years ending last day of the month previous to the one in which tenders are invited for which experience should be any one of the following:
A Three similar completed works, each costing not less than Rs 29.60 Lakhs
B Two similar completed works, each costing not less than Rs 37.00 Lakhs
C One similar completed works, costing not less than Rs 59.20 Lakhs
1. “Similar work” is defined as Rewinding and Repair work of HT motors (6.6kV & 11 kV voltage rating) and VFD Driven HT motors for Refinery/Petrochemicals/Fertilizer/Oil and Gas/Chemical/Nuclear/Power and Utility/Cement/Steel Industries.
2. All above indicated amounts are exclusive of Service Tax / GST
3. Relaxation to MSE/ Start-up bidder:
a) MSE : Pre-qualification criteria with respect to Prior Turnover and Prior experience may be relaxed for Micro & Small Enterprises (to the extent of 15%) as per GOI guidelines subject to meeting of quality and technical specifications.
(For example, if PQC value applicable to other than MSE bidders is Rs. 100/-, the same shall be Rs. 85/- for MSE bidders).
b) Start Up : No relaxation in Prior Turnover and Prior experience criteria for start-up.
iii) Other Criteria:
a. The Bidder shall be capable of rewinding / repairing 6.6 kV & 11 kV rated motors, including motors classified for hazardous area operation (increased safety, flame proof, Non spark, intrinsically safe, etc.). Documentary proofs shall be submitted to this effect.
b. The Bidder should have his own Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) facility for motor rewinding and repairs of up to 4.05 MW rated motors. Documentary proofs for the availability of Global VPI at vendor’s rewinding works shall be submitted for records.
c. The Bidder should have his own facility to take trial runs of the rewound motor at rated voltage i.e. at 6.6 kV & 11 kV. Documentary proofs of High Voltage testing facilities shall be submitted for records.
d. The bidders who have been issued orders for similar works in MRPL during last 5 years and/or bidders who has executed similar jobs in MRPL, has to provide Completion Certificate from MRPL.
e. Bidder has to quote for all items as per price bid and this is to be confirmed in the format provided along with the technical bid.
f. Experience of only the Bidding Entity shall be considered In-house experience (where for the past experience referred for qualification, the contractor and the Owner belonging to the same organization) shall not be considered as a valid experience for the purpose of qualification.
g. The bidder should not be under a black-list/ holiday list of any state/central government department or undertaking (including PSUs). Bidder shall give a declaration to this effect.
h. Joint venture / Consortium bids shall not be permitted for this tender.
Note: Bidder is required to provide the following documentary proof in support of meeting Pre-Qualification Criteria along with their technical bid:
1. Annual reports containing Audited balance sheets and Profit & Loss statement, in the first instance itself, in support of their fulfilling the qualification criteria. In case the last Financial closing date is within 9 months of bid due date and audited annual report of immediate preceding Financial year is not available, bidder has the option to submit the financial details of the three previous years immediately prior to the last financial year. Otherwise, it is compulsory to submit the financial details of the immediate three preceding financial years.
2. Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence covering similar work mentioned above, but not be limited to :
i) Copies of work orders/ relevant pages of contract/SOR,
ii) Proof of Completion / completion certificate indicating value of work completed against above order, in support of their fulfilling the qualification criteria.
3. Other relevant documentary evidence for all the above mentioned criteria.
(As applicable for the tender)
4. All documents furnished by bidder in support of meeting the experience criteria of PQC shall be:
“Duly certified by Statutory Auditors of the Bidder or a practicing Chartered Accountant (not being an employee or a director or not having any interest in the bidder(s) company/firm) where audited accounts are not mandatory as per law.
“Duly notarized by any Notary Public in the bidders country.
5. MRPL reserves the right to complete the evaluation based on the details furnished without seeking any additional information.