Environment Care

Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited, (Government of India Undertaking and subsidiary of ONGC Limited) has always been Environmental friendly in all spheres of Refinery operations including from design stage itself. Special measures taken by MRPL to protect environment are:

Air Pollution Prevention & Reduction measures

  • Utilization of low sulphur fuel oil & Maximization of Refinery Off Gas as fuel for fired heaters
  • Low NOx burners provided in various heaters to reduce NOx emission
  • Installed advanced Cyclone systems in PFCCU to meet standards with regards to dust.
  • Vapor Adsorption system & secondary seals provided in hydrocarbon tanks to reduce fugitive emission.
  • Two Continuous Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) monitoring system has been installed in the Refinery & 09 AAQ monitoring stations are provided in & around the refinery complex for monitoring Real-time concentrations of various pollutants.
  • Online Stack Monitoring for SOx / NOx emission parameters being done and shared with Pollution Control Board.
  • Periodic VOC Emissions monitoring & Noise Level monitoring being done
  • Sulphur Recovery Units (SRUs) with efficiency greater than 99% provided to meet the Environmental standards.
  • Amine treatment Unit, Sour water stripping units and Flare system provided – These units largely reduce SO2 emissions
  • Two Sulphur Pelletisation plant is provided to avoid Dust emissions in SRUs.

Water Conservation measures, Water Pollution Prevention & Reduction measures

  • An advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant having Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR), Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR), Ultra Filtration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO), commissioned in the Refinery. This plant will improve the quality of treated effluent and help to recycle maximum Treated effluent quantity.
  • Refinery complex operates with more than 70 % Treated Effluent Recycle
  • Phase-III is designed to utilize 6.5 MGD of Tertiary Treated domestic sewage from Mangalore city.
  • Through extensive research MRPL has established a trendsetter refinery wastewater treatment for treating Sulphides & Phenols utilizing hydrogen peroxide. This technique was later adopted by many Refineries to obtain excellent Treated wastewater quality and maximize treated effluent recycle.
  • Maximum utilization of fin fan coolers, followed by trim coolers for all products and column overheads thereby reducing cooling water requirement.
  • Agar probe provided in Crude tank and Slop Oil tank for reduction of oil ingress reaching to WWTP.
  • Closed loop sampling system is provided which reduces the oil ingress to WWTP.

Noise Pollution Prevention & Reduction measures

  • Acoustic Hoods, Silencers & Mufflers are provided in various noise-generating equipments drastically reducing noise levels.
  • Periodic monitoring of noise level within refinery complex and audiometery screening tests for the employees working in high noise area is carried out on regular basis.

Solid & Hazardous Waste Management in the Refinery

  • MRPL was the first Refinery to pioneer Hydrogen peroxide Oxidation technology for treating Refinery wastewater & usage of online mixers has reduced sludge generation.
  • Presently employed mechanized way for removing the sludge from the Crude tanks unlike manual method, which reduced the oil in the sludge and kept below 10%.
  • The Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) design has envisaged for processing oily sludge.
  • A Closed Bioremediation Unit is commissioned in the refinery to treat oily sludge generated in the Refinery.


  • In addition to the natural greenery available in the Refinery, an extensive Greenbelt development have been derived & implemented in the Refinery.
  • We have included more than 50 different types of plants in the green belt, which are locally adaptable.
  • A work order accorded to State Forest Department for augmenting the greenbelt in 120 acres area.

Awards and Certificate

  • Refinery received Environment Excellence Award from Greentech Foundation, New Delhi for the year 2003-04 & 2004-05.
  • Refinery received Golden Peacook Environment Management Award for the year 2004-05 from World Environment Foundation, New Delhi.
  • Refinery received Gold Award for Environment Excellence Award from Greentech Foundation, New Delhi for the year 2007-08.

Biogas Plant:

Water Treatment Plant

An anaerobic garbage treating Biogas plant is installed for treating organic food wastes of MRPL township and refinery. By this, entire food waste of township and refinery is bio-treated in an environment friendly plant producing Bio-gas as well as an excellent organic compost for plants/greenery.


It is often said that the best place to seek god is in garden. But the question is how to keep the garden beautiful. To keep the garden alive, one should be aware of the basic needs of gardening because gardening is an art & science.

MRPL has created such surroundings which is full of natural settings- the wild flowing streams, the tall green trees, the smooth carpet of green grass & myriad variety of flowers, blooming in different colours & size presenting a riot of colours, the nature is full of such beautiful things. No one can resist nature. It sooths any amount of fried & tense nerves & brings the peace of mind- the ut most necessity of human life. A garden is a piece of art that pleases eyes- it is poetry demonstrated.

MRPL has developed gardens in the office premises as well as in the colony bringing the nature, natural settings near to ones house, creating an illusion of nature around him, turning his captivity in civilized world lively, attempting to make life peaceful in a natural settings & surroundings.

More than 25 acres of garden is well developed in the colony as well as office premises consisting of lush green lawns, different types of hedges, different flowering & non flowering shrubs, ground covers, Rockery & water cascades. This beautiful garden of MRPL received first prize in the large scale garden competition of the flower exhibition- 2001 conducted by Govt. Horticulture dept. & Siri horticulture society- Mangalore

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